Fuzzies Bubble

Game description

Once upon a time, colorful and cute Fuzzies lived happily together in their village. But the peaceful tranquility of village life was broken by a local villain who decided to take the colors from cute creatures and appropriate them for himself. The villain's skin had no color, from which he became insane. A plan has appeared in the clouded head of the villain, now he wants to crush the Fuzzies in order to get their colors with the help of his cruel machine. And now the villain invades a peaceful village. Save the fuzzies and help them escape from the brutal crushing machine! Combine at least 3 fuzzies of the same color and try to remove them all from the playing field. Through combos, you get a mighty bomb – or rainbow fuzzies! Can you save the Fuzzies before they get crushed in the online Fuzzies game? Control in the game Fuzzies is carried out with the help of the mouse and on the touch screens with the help of taps The goal of the Fuzzies game is to clear the playing field by collecting groups of three or more fuzzies of the same color