Squid Fighter Gamer

Game description

Are you prepared to engage in some street fighting? Well… You and a friend can work together to eliminate all of the red enemies in the squid game!You will also face off against the boss girl, and the sounds from the squid game will make you feel like you are in the middle of the action. You have the option to play in campaign mode and complete all levels, and you will need to use a lot of fighting moves to win, including combinations, running, and jumping. Please publish this fantastic squid game with multiplayer combat on your website and allow users to have fun! I have removed the option for more games and will not be adding them back, so please do not worry. Have a good time. ARROW – MOVE Z – PUNCH PRESS 2 SECONDS POWER PUNCH X – KICK ESCAPE GRAB C – GUARD V – GRAB ARROW LEFT AND RIGHT – PUSH TO 2 TO RUN THEN CAN PUNCH OR KICK